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Our commitments

At Laglasse France, we estimate that growth and quality can and must go together with environment and reliability. Thus, we work daily to lower our environmental impact and our wood supplies are controlled with a traceability as soon as raw material is bought and until the delivery of the end-product at our clients.

We made the decision to certify us at different levels. We have also decided to work with qualified partners and to equip us responsibly.

Labels and certifications

RSE (Company Societal Responsibility), centered on three pillars (environmental, social and societal) is a key factor of company development. From now on, Laglasse France has chosen to integrate this responsability in the growth of our activity. To do so, we committed to the organisation called EcoVadis in order to evaluate our current social, ethical and environmental impact and to do everything to improve it.

Our RSE score

44 / 100

Laglasse France has been certified PEFC for several years. Solely working with wood, which is a noble and precious raw material, it seemed of utmost importance to us to be in a long-lasting management process of forests. Therefore, our PEFC label enables us to implement an ongoing respect of PEFC traceability rules during the transformation and marketing of our wood.


Adapted to oakwood, the APECF label (also known as Label Transformation EU) guarantees a valorization of wood within the European Union thus preferring short-supply chains and companies of our territories. This accreditation certificate enables us to be part of a responsible economy and it guarantees a first transformation of the wood which is bought and sold within the EU.

Traceability and analyses

All the wood used by Laglasse company is carefully selected. A system of complete traceability is implemented, guaranteed and followed by our buyers, carriers and working partners from the purchase of the log to the sending of the transformed product.

This process is then reinforced at the level of the production thanks to the implementation of cutting-edge analyses in a laboratory. These ones are realized by a very well-known institution for its expertise in the field of winemaking. Samples are sent to them before the preparation of the orders allowing us then to provide clients detailed analysis certificates.